Photography as coursework in 2018

Photography is a common occurrence in our modern society. Photography is an art of capturing and recording events, moments and images. The widespread use of photography is influenced by the constant rise of science and technology. Some people have turned into photography as a coursework.

Photography in media.

Photography is a useful tool in the media. Most media houses require professional photographers to capture crucial pictures and videos for them. It is a necessity that any journalist going out for a field task must be accompanied by a photographer, this has made photography to be an important matter in the collections of news and information. Various professions in the media associated with photography are photographers, photo editors and video producers.

Photography as a course.

Photography is being taught in many colleges as a discipline. It is either taught as photographing or it is incorporated as a subject in mass media and communication. Students are now taking photography as a career path, some of the units in photography are portraits, techniques for photographing and tools of photographing. A good population of students have graduated from the following Colleges with degrees and certificates: the University of Arizona, California Institute of arts, University of New Mexico, Yale school of fine art, Columbia College and Virginia Commonwealth University. Pre-graduates are also assigned coursework writing in photography to get various degrees such as Bachelor of arts in photography. Studying photography provides learners with various skills such as editing software and camera equipment, problem-solving skills and giving attention to detail.

Photography as recreation.

Many people have gotten into photography as a hobby and as a source of creating happiness for themselves. There are very many photos all over the internet and on social media platforms of people capturing what they love using cameras. Many people like capturing the magnificent things in nature. It is common to come across pictures of birds feeding their little ones or a strange building in a beautiful sunset. Anybody on the internet may also come across magnificent features such as waterfalls, mountain peaks and the thick forests. All these have been captured by passionate photographers with an unrelenting interest in photography.

Photography in sensitization.

We cannot end this discussion without looking at how photography has led to the spread of information worldwide. A large population of people depends on photography to learn what is happening in other parts of the world. Without photography a citizen in Helsinki wouldn’t know what is happening in Madagascar, photography has therefore played an important role in sensitizing people about human rights activities, latest commodities in the market and the latest innovations. It is also through photography that most of us understand other cultures, communities and people, photography has enlightened us on the existence of native communities in the Amazon and other parts of the world.



Photography is an important discipline in our current generation. We should appreciate works by various agencies to institutionalize photography. Efforts by universities, media houses and technology industries are greatly recommended. Photography is a scientific art of creating durable images. Photography involves cameras and video recorders.

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