How to make the best portraits in nature

Taking portraits in nature is important because they render a person in their natural environment. Nature portraits usually tell a story compared to the old studio or locational portraits which just show a person at that moment.
The tips for making a good portrait include
Focusing on nature and let other things haze in the background

To get the best out of nature it is important to focus on nature in the background rather than the people who are getting the photograph taken. Ensure that the distance is optimum to ensure that people are not the focus in order to make it look like you intentionally focused on nature while taking took the picture.

Interacting with nature

To make some of the best memories it is essential to play and interact with Mother Nature. Nature makes portraits look very beautiful and amazing. A lot of materials from nature can be used, rocks branch water drops, and all these can make the portrait to look much very awesome. A person can jump, play with rocks or seem like they are blowing water before the perfect shot is taken, this will make the picture to look very awesome.

Decorating Mother Nature little bit

This can be done by adding a few decorations such as disco lights hanging from tree branches, putting a couch in a field before taking a photo can go a lot of ways to make the photo shoot period a success. Using different props when making a portrait will make it harder for people not to smile when looking at the photographic portrait.

Avoid shooting in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight will make the pictures to have shadows in them which will make them have a blur when taken. In order for you to take a perfect photo for a portrait, it is important to be taken when the sun is rising or when it is setting when it is cloudy or if you have to take it during a sunny day then take it under a shade.


The location for taking the portrait is very important. For a nature portrait to be perfect the location at which the photographs will be taken has to be chosen well. The area has to have many nature things like many trees or a river or anything the photographer will choose as long as it portrays nature well.

Camera focal length and aperture

It is important to ensure that the focal length of the camera and the aperture are at optimum length and condition. This two characters will affect how the picture was taken will look like. When one wants to focus on the background it is important to use maximum focal length to guarantee that the background is captured well.


The time the portrait is taken also has an effect if the portrait will be great or it will be a blur. The best time to take a natural portrait is in the evening or down because there is a lot of shade around which will give the portrait another dimension adding nature to it will make the portrait very amazing.

Following the above tips will ensure that a portrait taken in nature will be perfect, following the tips guarantee you the best portrait

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