What is an Equatorial Platform?

The slideshow attempts to explain simply how the idea of an Equatorial tracking Platform is derived from a classical driven Equatorial mount. Essentially a tracking platform converts your Dobsonian mounted telescope into a motor driven polar aligned Equatorially mounted telescope system. Many hundreds of these Equatorial Platforms have been built for Dobsonian mounted telescopes, and […]

Photography as coursework in 2018

Photography is a common occurrence in our modern society. Photography is an art of capturing and recording events, moments and images. The widespread use of photography is influenced by the constant rise of science and technology. Some people have turned into photography as a coursework. Photography in media. Photography is a useful tool in the […]

Moonlight Eclipse on 27-28 July 2018 – Unique Nature Phenomenon

The Famous blood moon occurred on July 27-28 with a record time of 103 minutes of a darkened moon. It is the longest Lunar eclipse in the 21st century with a record 6 hours and 14 minutes with penumbral and Partial phases included. Being the second and last total eclipse in 2018 it made 17th […]

How to make the best portraits in nature

Taking portraits in nature is important because they render a person in their natural environment. Nature portraits usually tell a story compared to the old studio or locational portraits which just show a person at that moment. The tips for making a good portrait include Focusing on nature and let other things haze in the […]